About me

George Ponce

Find your dream home
my History

30 years of helping clients make great selling and buying decisions

I grew up in a family business helping people at our grocery store. I have been in sales all my adult life and some of my experiences are within selling clothes, electronics, appliances and lodging for the last 20 years. Aside from selling products and services I have assisted brides by making their special day special,  I have assisted party planners make their events successful and have helped guests make their vacations enjoyable.

my Vision

Personalizing YOUR American Dream.

I take a personalized approach when helping my clients with their real estate needs and really hold their hands through the process. I value listening and understanding the goals of my clients, whether it's finding their perfect home, acquiring an investment property, or simply moving out of their parents house. Achieving the American Dream can mean different things to different people and I get my enjoyment by laying the foundation to their American dream.

What's my home worth?

I know real estate.

I've dedicated the past years of my life to learning the Ins & outs of real estate in Arizona. I'm confident in my experextise!

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